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Gorilla's Need Doctors Too ... The Gorilla Doctors of Africa

Gorilla Doctors is medical group dedicated to the preservation of the engaged Mountain Gorillas in central and eastern Africa. In partnership with the University of California at Davis utilizing a One Health approach, the Gorilla Doctors veterinary team provides critical medical care to ill and injured gorillas whose habitat is in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). There are only 1,000+ mountain gorillas in the world today. Their near extinction brought about by poaching, loss of habitat and regional wars; all of which were caused by human intervention. The Gorilla Doctors work tirelessly to reverse the loss of life and promote the future of these magnificent primates, one patient at a time . Learn more about the Gorilla Doctors terrific effort or how you to can lend a hand at the Gorilla Doctors website. Also, check out the Gorilla Doctors interesting promotional video.

Here are links to the Gorilla Doctors Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels.

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